Y-Warm material can pass REACH SVHC test

Innovation of Y-Warm does not only come from its excellent thermal insulation property, but also because it’s very safe, environmental friendly and can effectively reduce carbon emission.  

What is SVHC?

SVHC, “Substance of Very High Concern”, refers to any substance that has adverse effects on human health and the environment. The following substances may be included in Annex XIV according to Article 57 under REACH.

The 1st batch of SVHCs: 15 substances were included in the Candidate List for authorization under REACH Regulation by ECHA on 28 Oct. 2008. REACH SVHC list is not a static list and it is updated frequently. Up to 16 Jan 2020, there are 205 substances on the SVHC candidate list.

The substance in SVHC list in some cases may have very serious or irreversible effects on people or environment, so it’s very necessary for textile product to get SVHC authorization.

SGS test report