Clothing, food, house and transportation

The nemesis of the extreme cold

If you still facing challenge to find good solution of thermal insulation, please contact Y-Warm.  

We have not only improved thermal insulation property of "extremely cold" clothing, but also reduced thickness and weight.

Outdoor equipment

Very low thermal conductivity, light, thin,and soft handle.

Let outdoor equipment have stronger thermal insulation performance, more advanced and easier to carry.


This is the first time in history that thermal insulation material has been applied to outdoor tent for keeping warm .Very low

 thermal conductivity of Y-Warm material, makes tent has excellent thermal insulation performance, which is an ideal outdoor temporary shelter.

Thin, light and soft handle property of Y-Warm material, makes tent more convenient to store and transport, easier to build as well.


Heat insulation in summer, warm keep in winter.

Both energy saving and environmental protection.

Automotive roof

Reduce heat and cold conduction, and improve driving and riding comfort.

Save energy.

Train carriage

Thermal and sound insulation

Aircraft cabin

Thermal and sound insulation

More applications

Waiting for your exploration & discovery……