Nanosize closed porous

the pioneer of flexible insulation material

World-leading technology in three fields

Flexible insulation material with nano-size and closed cell.

Nanometer size porous material with moisture permeability.

Brand new thermal insulate material for winter clothing application.

    Technical Path

Porous material Aerogel shows extremely low thermal conductivity and can be used in thermal insulation. Due to its mechanical performance defects, the wide application is hard to achieve.

After 8 years research and development, Y-Warm has invented the flexible nano-size closed porous thermal insulation the material with extremely low thermal conductivity and  excellent mechanical performance

High performance
Extremely low thermal conductivity can effectively decrease thermal exchange.
Unit Weight: 48 ± 2 g/㎡
Thickness: 0.75 ± 0.1 mm
Environmentally friendly
Pass the European Union REACH SVHC test.